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We have been given many different recipes for you to be able to use from the Australian Egg Corporation. All of the pictures you will see of the meals with eggs are available from the website links below.

Some tips are provided for you to help you use the right egg for the right occassion.

Fresh Test

To test how fresh your eggs are, place the eggs in a bowl of water. Fresh eggs will stay at the bottom while stale eggs will float to the top.

Which egg to use

Fresh eggs are best for poaching and frying as they hold their shape better.
Older eggs are best for hard-boiling, scrambling and omlettes. Also use them for baking cakes making quiches and frittatas.

Egg Recipe sites

Eggs As Easy As - www.eggsaseasyas.com.au
Australian Egg Corporation - www.eggs.org.au

Egg dish 1

Egg dish 2

Egg dish 3

Egg dish 4

Egg dish 5