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Egg Corp Assured

Forrestdale Farm Fresh Eggs has implemented the National egg quality assurance program Egg Corp Assured.This program covers issues including food safety, biosecurity, looking after our livestock, labelling our products correctly and looking after the environment.

Our programs must be audited by a registered third party auditor.

Consumers can look to ECA as a mark of a quality product produced under strict guidelines.

Only egg businesses that have had their quality assurance program audited against Egg Corp Assured standards by an accredited ECA auditor are entitled to apply for the ECA trade mark.

For more information about Egg Corp Assured please click here.

Egg corp assured includes:

  • HACCP which stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. This program is used by many food operations businesses.
  • Bio Security on and around the farm
  • Animal Welfare which ensures we look after our hens the best way possible
  • Environmental management. This gives us the a balanced structure to look after the environment while running our farm.