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About Eggs

There are a number of reasons why we consider our eggs to be better and some of these reasons are:

  1. We pack to order. This ensures our eggs are always the freshest possible product.
  2. We do not have to cross the Nullabour desert to supply eggs to our customers. This ensures the freshest possible product.
  3. We do not wash our eggs. As a result the natural protective coating stays intact and the egg stays fresher longer.
  4. Every single egg is checked prior to packaging. This ensures there are fewer breakages.
  5. We supply quality feed for our hens. As a result our eggs taste better!
  6. We provide the ideal egg laying conditions for our hens such as food and water always present and the right tempreture for the sheds. As a result you recieve a better quality egg.

Eggs of course are a fantastic food for people to be able to use. They are easy to cook, you are able to make so many different recipes from eggs as you can cook them many different ways and they are excellent value for money compared to other foods with the same nutritional value.

Eggs are also best kept in the refridgerator. We have been told that they will keep for up to seven times longer in the fridge.

We have made links to the Egg Nutrition Advisory Group (ENAG)to help you with all your nutrition concerns.

ENAG is an independent group of some of the most respected and influential health professionals in Australia including Scientists and Dieticians. They provide unbiased and accurate information about eggs.

Some of the links we feel are of importance for you are:

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